Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Philips Wants Devs' Bright Ideas for Its Web-Connected Light Bulbs

Dutch electronics giant Philips, which launched its Hue Web-connected LED home lighting system in October, released a development kit Monday in the hopes of integrating official applications -- and more possible home uses -- for its technology.

Developers can use the API as they choose, and can keep all their earnings from commercializing products. Some have already developed unofficial Hue apps, and Philips is trying to organize a robust development community that can lead to other potential devices for consumers to monitor and control home environments.

"It's my understanding that Philips does see a broad market for this offering and has invested appropriately in developing and promoting the product and the technology behind it," said Jonathan Collins, a principal analyst at ABI Research.
"There's a market for not just light bulbs, but also for connecting devices in the home," Julien Blin, a directing analyst at Infonetics, told TechNewsWorld. "But, until you add more intelligence -- meaning if you can make it connected to all other appliances in the home and add a smart algorithm that could learn and predict personal behaviors -- this might remain a science project."

For details visit: Philips Wants Devs' Bright Ideas for Its Web-Connected Light Bulbs

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